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Hello :D haha
Today’s post is written with my iPhone while waiting for my over-mediums at one of the breakfast joints in Kuwait City.. not the best way to compose anything really.. so pardon me if my thumbs get too tired and leave this post midway :P

My Garmin watch ran out of battery, and hence I cannot give you specific details, with that said, I think I did 40km of Cycling in 110 minutes. It was humid; sticky but not sweet. It was windy, in the return but not going. It was beautiful, all along the way :D

Only ONE stray dog chased me today haha
Saw one butterfly
And one unicorn


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Valencia! Here We Come!

A couple of days ago I went to the Jabriya service center to renew my passport, and voilà [must find the Spanish equivalent to voilà] here it is! My new passport with the new and more accurate spelling of my name wooHAAW!! Unfortunately though, they changed my occupational status from “student” to “employee” engwaa waa waa :(

Note: I loudly applaud Kuwait gov for acknowledging the difference between sex and gender :)

Next steps:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Schengen Visa 


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"a thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us"
Friedrich Nietzsche

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swim cycle & run with mind body & soul

I’m just like you.  We share the same anatomy.  Just like you, my body is composed of flesh and bones.  My body is composed of muscles and fat.  Though.. most of the time I do wish I had more muscles and less fat.  Just like you, there are little things I wish to change about my body, but that does not mean I hate my body, Not at all.  My body is my physical self, my soul’s transportation, the keeper of my heart.  Staying healthy and triathlon training has helped me tremendously in understanding my body, mind, and soul. 

It turns out, I own my body.  I have full authority over my body and can control and guide it towards any goal.  Why hasn’t anyone told me that before?  My friend, you can never be too ambitious!  Just four months ago, I couldn’t even jog a block, and in 52 days I will be finishing my first sprint distance triathlon!

My friend, you can never be too fat, too old, or worse “too busy.”  All you need is a big heart and a determined mind!  Believe me; numerous times my mind manipulated my body into going the distance which my body wasn’t used to traveling.  Numerous times I failed.  Numerous times my mind sweet-talked my body into shaking it off and picking it up again.   It wasn’t easy.  It is still not easy.  Still I shake it off, and tri again.  My mind knows that “can’t” is just an illusion.  Genius?

Not really.

I have the soul of a tiger; wild, free and primitive *and solitary, and territorial *

Yup!! My soul is light, fit, fast and powerful – if my mind was genius, for my own safety, it would have probably set limits that I’ve already crossed a long long time ago.  My soul is my leader. My mind is my coordinator. My body is my medium.       


I am consciously living my transformation. This is just the beginning. And I am loving every moment of it (except that time of month lol). 

We all have to start somewhere.  Do not be afraid of that first step.  For me, everyday is a first step.  Everyday is a victory.  

For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories - Plato

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The Wind & I


Today is Friday, which means we went to our weekly cycling training in Doha. The weather was probably too hot and too windy for my preference, but hey, can’t stop won’t stop!

Cycling against the wind is the epic tale of aerodynamic efficiency and my determination to defeat the stiff and burning headwind.  It exhausted my leg muscles and it was stressful on my back too.  Still, I couldn’t stop, I didn’t stop. The return made everything worthwhile, as the wind and I finally became friends!  I cycled, and the wind kept on pushing me faster and faster and I thought I heard it say, “Go, rainbow, slice the wind, paint Doha with all your beautiful colours,” and so I did :D

41km in 2hrs and I’m feeling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Today is only one day in my life, but it prevails every single empty day I have lived before, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!


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Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory.
Frederick W. Faber

Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory.

Frederick W. Faber

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..but instead, I want Turkey on Sunflower :(

..but instead, I want Turkey on Sunflower :(

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Sports Dietitian Wanted! *and a side of fries*

A proper nutrition plan is essential to every person training for a triathlon as it improves performance and enhances overall health and wellbeing.  My trouble is that I go to your general nutritionist, and I don’t necessarily believe she understands the complexities of exercising as much as I do.   If you’ve read my previous posts you would have noticed that my current diet is more suitable for a person who isn’t as active as I am.  I worry that the limited calories I’m consuming every day, and the type of food groups in my daily diet might be preventing me from reaching my full potential as a (self proclaimed) triathlete. 

I need a sports dietitian!

I want an experienced dietician to design a diet specifically for me, a diet that can help me delay fatigue and allows me to push push push and recover in a blink of an eye.  I want a dietitian that can help me be the healthiest woman in the world!  Any recommendations?

Oh, and I’m considering taking natural supplement pills for essential vitamins and minerals.

Let’s get this body healthier!    

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reading my way to optimal health

reading my way to optimal health

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Training Type: Cycling & Running Duration: Two Hours Location: Doha, Kuwait Post Cycle Cravings: Garden Omelette

Training Type: Cycling & Running Duration: Two Hours Location: Doha, Kuwait Post Cycle Cravings: Garden Omelette

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