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"150 year old trees! Clean air blue skies! Beautiful smiles everywhere! How can one stay indoors in Valencia?"

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Day One. Minute One. Problem One.

hey, its me.

I landed in Valencia yesterday at around 2pm, and usually, on typical vacations, I would drop my luggage to the hotel then head straight out on a little on-foot discovery trip.  This time, since I’m here to tri, as sooooooon as I got to the hotel room I had to quickly unpack my bike and start assembling it.  I didn’t even wash my face, did not change my clothes, did not even tell my mom that I arrived safely, because after all, if my bike wasn’t Ok, then I surly haven’t arrived safely.  So, I started assembling my bike.  Screwing in the pedals was easy breezy.  Inserting the steering wheel was a walk in a very nice park. The seat.. even though I’m not quite sure of the height of the seat, at least I placed it tightly and comfortable enough for me.  Now, the tires are a different story :(

The front tire skewers are a bit confusing, so I wasn’t sure what to put where.  I grabbed my phone and went back through the history of my photo album trying to find a close-up picture of my tires.  None of the pictures I have of my bike display the right side of my tire skewers. I had to improvise by assembling the tires according to logical reasoning.

Long story short, the tires are completely assembled, however, I cannot use half of my gears! There is definitely something wrong with my back chain and it could one of two things, either that I assembled wrong OR screws shifted while the bike was being transported.

Mucho problema!!

This is my story for now.

My bike is broken, and I need to fix it before my triathlon on Sunday!

Nothing but panic! 

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Bananatu Packed

Bananatu Packed

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مافي وقت، اااااااااال

People continue to make excuses for why they’re unable to get fit by staying physically active. Most are honest enough to say that they’re a lazy bum, while others claim they cannot find the time in their allegedly busy schedule. Friends, you do have the time, because someone who is busier than you is running right now!

At one point, my definition of being active was to go for 4 or 5 hour leisurely walks around my past neighborhood of Glover Park as well as down Dupont Circle, U Street and Georgetown, Washington D.C. I would imagine my heart rate never exceeded 90 beats and I wouldn’t even sweat a drop. Basically, the point I’m trying to set through is that you can never be too busy or too unfit for a short easy run.

My start was with a 500m easy run, two cups of fresh tears, and 30 minutes of whining and crying each time I dragged myself out.

Last night, I ran 6k, approx. 45 minutes, and carried a huge smile on my face at the end! I’m sure you can spare 30 minutes of your 24hr day. When you wake up? Before Dinner?  After going to the movies?  You can make time if you really wanted to ;) Give it a go!

Here are some tips I learned from my humble running experience: 


I’m personally most comfortable wearing 2XU compression pants with a Nike Dri-Fit T. My shoes are Saucony Switchfoot 4 and Saucony Switchfoot 5 and I absolutely love them! Your running shoes are your most critical piece of equipment that you will need for the run. Stay away from fashion oriented shoes from those highly commercialized brands, unless you can find ones that are light, flexible, and make love to your feet as you run! Check out Inter Sport at 36o Mall or Extreme Sports (Salmiya/Shuwaikh).


To the Max! Keep a talking pace; that is, be able to carry a conversation at the pace you’re in. Of course, with time, your talking speed will keep on increasing. Relax your shoulders. Relax your fists. Relax your facial expression. Relax every bit of your body and take it easy. Running isn’t meant to be stressful. This is your own race, so don’t follow in anyone’s pace.


Don’t be shallow, be deep! Deeper breaths allow an ample supply of oxygen intake ensuring your body’s increased endurance. Always fully inflate your lungs with new oxygen and completely replace the leftover carbon dioxide. Your muscles need the oxygen to create energy, so do keep a steady rhythm. Hydrate!

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Woman of Your Dreams — Not!

think of me,

close your eyes,



Was I fat in your dream?

So, I just learned that someone dreamt of me last night.  She dreamt that I was on a running track with her.  She dreamt that I was fat and immobile.  A veiled old friend was sitting on the side.  And a closer friend was somewhere lingering around.  I was fat.

Why was I fat?

Fact #1: I have a major triathlon in one week.  Any correlation?

Fact #2: I put my tri training membership at the club on hold for September.  Did she predict my fat future?

Dear readers, do dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; that all men are created equal.  Do dream of love that would never die, or dream that God will be forgiving.  But no, dear reader, don’t dream of me. 

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2200 triathletes will compete in Valencia Triathlon Gran Premio Ibercaja Grand Prix

One of the main attractions of Valencia Triathlon Gran Premio Ibercaja is the beauty and uniqueness of the circuit. Swimming, cycling and running. Port America´s Cup, Valencia Street Circuit of Formula and City of Arts and Sciences.

A unique opportunity to enjoy three exceptional places, playing sports and enjoying a competition that has become a part of TriGrandPrix European… 

continue reading: http://www.valenciatriatlon.es/eng/  

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Why running is awesome!
I love this


Why running is awesome!

I love this

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"Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don’t have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up."
Amby Burfoot, The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life  (via runningislife)

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Strengthening my core at my triathlon training club

Strengthening my core at my triathlon training club

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