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Woman of Your Dreams — Not!

think of me,

close your eyes,



Was I fat in your dream?

So, I just learned that someone dreamt of me last night.  She dreamt that I was on a running track with her.  She dreamt that I was fat and immobile.  A veiled old friend was sitting on the side.  And a closer friend was somewhere lingering around.  I was fat.

Why was I fat?

Fact #1: I have a major triathlon in one week.  Any correlation?

Fact #2: I put my tri training membership at the club on hold for September.  Did she predict my fat future?

Dear readers, do dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; that all men are created equal.  Do dream of love that would never die, or dream that God will be forgiving.  But no, dear reader, don’t dream of me. 

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