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So its not thaaat bad being a woman. we do have our privileges sometimes.  Couldn’t find a bike shop in the neighboring area and the triathlon expo did not include a mechanic or a check-up station HOWEVER I came across two men who were delighted to take a look at my bike.  

The first guy was from BH Triathlon, he spent a good 5 minutes on my bike twisting and screwing foreign objects, and then deemed it tri ready.  Due to my trust issues, I decided to double check elsewhere.  My trip partner who is also a young Kuwaiti triathlete found another guy who was generous enough to spare some time to help us.  

Thank you German multi-Ironman finisher guy from Nutrixxion energy bars, seriously, you’re the best!! 

Now, I’m stress free and tri ready!!!

In about four hours we will be picking up my tri kit and in about 7 hours we will be heading out to the race briefing.

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